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  • Our school building has three floors; It has 1500 m2 closed area and 2000 m2 open area. 9 classrooms, 1 multi-purpose indoor sports hall and playground, 1 sleeping room (each child has a wooden and orthopedic bed) 18 toilets, 1 dining hall, 1 library, 1 montesori class, 1 meeting and show room, 1 multi-purpose outdoor sports field (tennis court, basketball court and squash wall) available.
  • Our school is furnished with high quality materials, taking into account the safety of children, and has floor heating. All windows are tempered glass. Children's washbasins and toilets are specially made for children. All sockets are high out of reach of children. In addition, water-based and antibacterial paints were used on the school walls.
  • The toys in the playground are made of first class pine wood and are certified by TSE.
  • Our school and toys are disinfected weekly by the professional company.
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